The Week in Pictures

Green heron poses on willow branch.
Any guesses as to what this is?
It’s a great-crested flycatcher on the Dinosaur Trail.
A common grackle searches for tadpoles and fish in wetlands.
Male eastern bluebird takes bath.
Bluebird vigorously splashing about in catch basin alongside parking deck.
A common whitetail dragonfly emerges from its previous life as an aquatic insect.
A male blue dasher perches on the end of a cedar bough.
Blue dasher male obelisking.
Immature male great blue skimmer. This dragonfly will become pruinose blue as it matures.
A Canada goose glances up at green heron preening in black willow.
A white-marked tussock moth caterpillar makes its way across the path.
Pink evening primrose in bloom in Explore the Wild.
Looking through the willows at the wetlands.
A combination of algae, pollen and seed silk has turned the wetlands green.
A swirling mass of green in the wetlands.
The water vibrates as a male bullfrog calls out to the other bullfrogs in the pond.
Our mother female red wolf (top right), her pups from this year (one’s under pile at top), and one of her 1-year-olds, play in their enclosure.

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