The Eagle and the Hawk

The following URL was passed along to me by Jennifer here at the Museum. It’s a live Eagle Cam from Duke Farms in New Jersey. The live feed is of an eagle’s nest in a sycamore tree. More interesting is a previously recorded video that is linked to on the right side of the web page (click on “2013-03-24 Red-tailed hawk Fight in the right hand column when you get to the main page). That particular video shows a brief battle between a careless, and not quite year old, Red-tailed Hawk and a full adult Bald Eagle.

If you’re a bit squimish you may wish to not view the video, there’s no real “blood and guts” but one of the birds does not live through to the end.

The video raises several questions in my mind but I will hold any thoughts until you view the video and perhaps send in a comment or two.

Thanks, Jennifer.

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