Speaking of howling…and snakes

Male Red Wolf #1369 howls in answer to a siren off in the distance.

To the delight of a group of children visiting the Museum Wednesday the Red Wolves got into a howling match with a fire engine (11/9). At times, sirens set the wolves off but it has to be the right frequency and distance from the Museum for it to work, not every siren works for them.

Snakes are still being seen, due in part to the warm weather we’ve been experiencing the past several days. An Eastern Garter Snake surprised a young visitor Tuesday afternoon by sliding across the pavement in front of her next to the Wetlands Overlook and a Northern Water Snake was at the Main Black Bear Overlook Wednesday (11/9).

Northern Water Snake at the Black Bear viewing area. Is that a slight bulge midway down the snake’s body? Probably one of the slow moving frogs that are lingering in the area.

See you in the Wild.

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