Red Wolf Howl

We don’t often hear our red wolves howl. Since he arrived in the fall of 2014, I’ve heard the male howl perhaps three times. I’ve not heard our female howl. Previous wolves that have resided at the Museum, particularly the pair we had prior to our current residents, howled frequently. Nearly every ambulance or fire truck that passed by on their way to some emergency, or had been making the delivery of patients to the hospital just a 1/4 mile toRead more

What’s that sound?!

Why, it’s 1414 howling! If you’re lucky enough to be in Explore the Wild when the wolves start to howling you’ll get quite a thrill. It’s both thrilling and chilling to experience these wolves doing what they used to do in the wild many years ago throughout the Southeast. The only place in these parts that you can experience Red Wolves howling nowadays, without treking out to Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in Eastern North Carolina, is right here at theRead more

Speaking of howling…and snakes

To the delight of a group of children visiting the Museum Wednesday the Red Wolves got into a howling match with a fire engine (11/9). At times, sirens set the wolves off but it has to be the right frequency and distance from the Museum for it to work, not every siren works for them. Snakes are still being seen, due in part to the warm weather we’ve been experiencing the past several days. An Eastern Garter Snake surprised aRead more