Snakes, and a Toad Reprise

At least one Black Racer was reported by one of the Museum staff during the final weekend of the month, and the first Northern Water Snake was spotted on the 29th from the circular platform midway down the boardwalk that leads into the Wetlands. The large snake was sunning, coiled up on a tangle of branches just below the platform.

After shutting down their breeding campaigns following the cold rains of the middle of March, American Toads regrouped behind the much warmer rains that occurred during the last week of the month. The toads were back in force as many were heard, and seen, along the north shore of the Wetlands in what may best be described as a breeding frenzy.

Pickerel Frogs continued to breed in strong numbers after the cool rains of mid-March. Oddly, on more than one occasion, a Pickerel Frog was seen attempting to mate with a Bullfrog. In one instance, the Pickerel Frog was tossed off by the Bullfrog, while in another, the frogs remained together throughout the day, the Pickerel Frog atop the Bullfrog. The following day, I saw what appeared to be the same pair, on the same log!

The activity slowed to a trickle towards the end of the month. Only a few single pickerels were seen silently sitting at the water’s edge during the final days of the month.

Leopard Frogs were heard calling on March 19 from the swamp across from the Wetlands Overlook. I was not able to get a look at one, but there were several individuals calling from that location in the days that followed.

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