A Frog First and a Lingering Duck

In the nine years that I’ve been walking the paths through the Wetlands here at the Museum, I’ve seen or heard 13 species of frogs and toads. Previous to March 24 I’d only heard southern leopard frog, I’d not seen one. Typically, I’ll hear one or two calling each year in late winter or early spring. Some years I don’t hear any leopard frogs. Leopard frogs are not uncommon in this area. In fact, they can be abundant. But hereRead more

I’m excited, are you?

Mourning Cloaks, Groundhogs, more turtles, a bullfrog, and finally, Pickerel Frogs! Are you ready for some pictures? The cloak… The hog… The turtles… A bullfrog… And the Pickerel Frogs, lots of them… Sorry for getting carried away with the Pickerel Frogs, I’ve been waiting so long for them and at last, they’re here! I heard at least one Southern Leopard Frog today (3/13) but was not able to locate it in order take its portrait, maybe tomorrow. Enjoy!Read more

Snakes, and a Toad Reprise

At least one Black Racer was reported by one of the Museum staff during the final weekend of the month, and the first Northern Water Snake was spotted on the 29th from the circular platform midway down the boardwalk that leads into the Wetlands. The large snake was sunning, coiled up on a tangle of branches just below the platform. After shutting down their breeding campaigns following the cold rains of the middle of March, American Toads regrouped behind theRead more

Active Snakes and Frogs

The Wetland’s Northern Water Snakes were out and about on October 4th & 5th with at least four seen basking or hunting. Green Treefrogs are still being seen by many Museum Guests along the north side of the Wetlands. Cricket Frogs can sometimes be seen hopping along the ground throughout the Explore the Wild/Catch the Wind Loop. And of course, there’s always a few Bullfrogs to be seen in the U-shaped pond at Flap the Wings next to the OrnithopterRead more