Scenes from the Wild

Red Maple always grabs your attention (10/12).
Who needs the Blue Ridge Parkway.

On October 13, I reported that I had seen the first Myrtle Warbler of the season on October 6, the first Saturday of the month. Well, they’re here in numbers now and getting down to business munching on wax myrtle fruit.

Myrtle Warbler, one among many in attendance, raids the wax myrtle in Explore the Wild (10/16).

I also reported seeing turtles basking on a log just off the main Wetlands Overlook. The turtles are making good use of the narrow log a dozen or so feet off the platform. Make sure you stop and have a look when you’re in Explore the Wild.

An Eastern Painted Turtle and two Yellow-bellied Sliders take advantage of the warm sunshine to catch a few rays (10/16/12).
This may be the last juvenile Green Treefrog that we see this season (10/12/12).
This Handsome Katydid stretches and does a little tibial maintenance.

And finally…

Tired from a busy morning of watching school groups go by, Red Wolf 1369 (the male) rests his sleepy head (10/11/12).

Goodnight wolf.

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