Sailboat Pond, Bright and Shiny

Back in February, we began the process of performing some much-needed maintenance on the Sailboat Pond in Catch the Wind, a favorite of the thousands of kids that make their way through our outdoor exhibit area. The pond’s bottom and walls needed to be resurfaced and a new plumbing system installed.

The pond needed to be drained, scooped out, scraped and painted, a dirty and messy job. The last time this type of maintenance was performed was in May of 2011, it was time.

Bob and Wayne shovel out algae and other smelly bottom debris while Dale mans the tractor.

After the algae was removed and the bottom pressure-washed and cleaned, it was time for painting with a good quality pool paint.

Richard (foreground), Daniel (L) and Cliff begin the painting process.

The weather caused several delays leaving a patchwork of completion.

There were many delays due to rain and even snow, but the sun and warmth finally returned and work resumed.
A new below ground pumping system and other plumbing were installed.

On March 15, the refill process began.

Refilling the pond. The following morning, as you may be able to see on the far side of the pond, there’s still a good foot and a half to go to the top. Now, rain would be an asset.

While the pond was refilling, new remote control panels were being installed, boats cleaned, rigging checked, and batteries charged.

And now, it’s time get back out there and sail away!

Sail on!

Thanks for your patience.

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