Nest Box Update 3.20.18

Although it’s been minimal, there has been activity in some of our six nest boxes. And, I’ve had to move one nest box due to exhibit construction. So, I can at least report something other than “No changes in the nest boxes” this week.

A Carolina chickadee has begun a nest in the nest box at the Cow Pasture near the train tunnel. The nest is not complete, but nearly so.

Carolina chickadees have started building at the Cow Pasture nest box (3/20/18).

The nest box on the service road in Explore the Wild is empty, no nest material in the box.

The nest box at the old site of the Bungee Jump has been moved to the south side of the campus near our spankin’ new parking deck (see below).

It was an empty nest box that greeted me at the service road to Into the Mist, no takers there yet.

The Parking Deck nest box was empty also. This, as mentioned above, is a new site. It’s in an open location on the east side of the deck and I expect it to be used this year by, hopefully, bluebirds. The nest box was moved from the old Bungee Jump site in Catch the Wind due to construction at that site.

Brand spankin’ new parking deck (3/20/18).

The Woodlands nest box, located on the path leading to the Woodlands Classrooms, has a few pine needles placed inside by bluebirds. Hopefully, they’ll continue working on this nest.

Just the start of a bluebird nest at Woodlands nest box (3/20/18).

And finally, the Butterfly House nest box. This box has had a partially complete bluebird nest since the last few days of February. I’m hoping it’s the cooler weather that’s holding back the bluebirds from finishing the nest.

No new additions to the nest at the Butterfly House (3/20/18).

So, there you have it. It’s the third week of nest box inspections and three nest boxes have at least some nest material within. We’ll have to wait for the passage of the next cold front with its potential for snow and ice to see what happens next.


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