Sailboat Pond, Bright and Shiny

Back in February, we began the process of performing some much-needed maintenance on the Sailboat Pond in Catch the Wind, a favorite of the thousands of kids that make their way through our outdoor exhibit area. The pond’s bottom and walls needed to be resurfaced and a new plumbing system installed. The pond needed to be drained, scooped out, scraped and painted, a dirty and messy job. The last time this type of maintenance was performed was in May ofRead more

Confused Comet

Last month the Exhibits Department drained, cleaned, and resurfaced the lining of the Sailboat Pond. So, what does all this have to do with a comet? Since refilling the pond with water there has been much dragonfly activity at that small body of water. I couldn’t help but notice a few Comet Darners (Anax longipes) flying about with the Blue Dashers, Carolina Saddlebags, Widow Skimmers and other “lesser” odes. One of these large green and red darners flying around theRead more