Red Wolf Pups

You’ve no doubt heard that on April 28 our female red wolf gave birth to pups. We now have four new additions to our red wolf enclosure.

The pups are becoming more agile, and bold, as each day passes. The entire family was briefly out in front of their den when the photos presented here were taken on a damp and rainy 23 May.

All four pups explore the area outside the den entrance (5/23/17).
Male wolf (1784 – dad) interacts with the pups (5/23/17).
Mom drags the pups, one by one, back into the den (5/23/17).
With the pups secured in the den, mom (1858) takes a quick run around the enclosure (5/23/17).
As the rain begins to pour, the male wolf settles into a hollow log (5/23/17).


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  1. Mari says:

    I love to see pops , I have a red fox coming [to] my yard ,

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