More Red Wolf Pup Photos

May 23 – 27

Female (front) and male on alert.
Pup looks back at siblings.
Male nurtures.
Relocation time.
Watching where he’s going.
Nursing on the run.
Taking a break.
A new world.
Trying to trip up brother (or sis?).
Blue eyes.
More blue eyes.

Check in next week.

2 responses to More Red Wolf Pup Photos

  1. Cornelia Hutt says:

    Greg, I have been posting the links to the Natureblogs on the Red Wolf Coalition Facebook page so that folks can come directly to your glorious galleries of photos and commentary. People are just SO delighted with these images. BRAVO! Neil Hutt, RWC

  2. MattN says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Hard to believe those floppy ears and stubby faces will soon the the beautiful Wolves they will grow up to be. Thank you for sharing.

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