New Arrivals in Wetlands

Top Photo: Paddling out in the wetlands (new wetlands structure coming).

If you’ve been out in Explore the Wild lately you may have noticed several new arrivals in and around the Wetlands, a floating walkway, geese, ducks, and a snake.

First, the walkway. A new floating walkway across at least part of our wetlands has arrived in sections and is now in the process of being bolted together in Explore the Wild. If you stroll through the area, you most certainly won’t miss the giant Erector Set that is the floating walkway in the wetlands.

Moving the sections to the wetlands.
Into the water.

The pieces are all on sight and all that’s left is to bolt them together, install railings, and perform a bit of waterscaping around the structure.

The sections pile up waiting to be joined.
Piecing the puzzle together.

It happens each February, Canada geese return to our wetland. They, along with a few pairs of mallards return each year at this time to stake out claims on the wetlands. This year, however, they seem more concerned with what’s happening on the north side of the pond.

Canada geese arrive and wonder what’s going on.
Mallards inspect the new shiny arrival.

A garter snake has been seen out sunning, and apparently watching the events in the wetlands. Look for the snake in a large crack between slabs of sandstone on the steps leading to the water at Water’s Edge on the north side of the wetlands.

Water’s Edge, just behind the new walkway.
Space between sandstone slabs (note object in center of image).
Garter snake suns itself.
Observing the happenings out in the wetlands?

See you in Explore the Wild!

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