Nest Box Update 5.29.18

Eight birds have fledged over the past week, 5 eggs are being incubated, and one “new” bird has been discovered.

The house wrens at the Cow Pasture nest are incubating their 5 eggs. They should hatch this week.

House wrens are incubating these 5 eggs at Cow Pasture (5/29/18).

The 4 chickadee nestlings that were in the nest box at the Explore the Wild nest have fledged.

Four chickadees have fledged at Explore the Wild (5/29/18).

Likewise, the 4 bluebird nestlings in the Into the Mist nest have flown the coop. I must say, bluebirds leave a messy nest behind when they fledge. Compare the chickadee nest above with the bluebird nest below.

A messy nest left behind by four fledgling bluebirds (5/2/18).

The Parking Deck nest remains empty as does the Woodlands nest.

Both Parking Deck (left) and Woodlands nest boxes are empty and waiting a second brood (5/29/18).

For the past several weeks I’ve counted 4 bluebird nestlings in the nest box at the Butterfly House. I was wrong, there are 5 nestlings. Where had the fifth come from? Well, it had to have been there the whole time. I simply missed it. That’s one more potential bluebird than expected for the Durham avifaunal population.

A surprise fifth nestling in the bluebird nest at Butterfly House (5/29/18) and another messy nest.

So, we’ve added 8 more birds to the local landscape, 4 chickadees and 4 bluebirds (Explore the Wild and Into the Mist nests, respectively). We will soon add another 5 bluebirds (Butterfly House nest). And, we’re waiting to see if the 5 house wren eggs hatch in the Cow Pasture nest.

I’ll see you next week. I have a few nest boxes to clean.

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