Nest Box Update 5.29.18

Eight birds have fledged over the past week, 5 eggs are being incubated, and one “new” bird has been discovered. The house wrens at the Cow Pasture nest are incubating their 5 eggs. They should hatch this week. The 4 chickadee nestlings that were in the nest box at the Explore the Wild nest have fledged. Likewise, the 4 bluebird nestlings in the Into the Mist nest have flown the coop. I must say, bluebirds leave a messy nest behindRead more

Bluebird Update 4/22/14

There have been a few changes since last week’s inspection of the six nest boxes here at the Museum. All nest boxes are occupied, as was the case last week. But now, all bluebird nests have full compliments of eggs, all are being incubated by their respective parents. And, all but one chickadee egg has hatched. There are still 5 eggs in the nest at the Cow Pasture. The female flew out as I approached which means the eggs areRead more

Nest Who?

OK, no more rain for a while…but the HEAT! I don’t feel so bad, though, when I look out over the water of the Wetlands and into one of the heron nests. The birds steadfastly hold their positions shielding their eggs from the blaring sun, getting up only to change position or move the eggs around bit. Eggs not only need to be protected from the cold, heat can actually cook the eggs in their shells. The birds have toRead more

Bluebird Update 5.28.13

Last week we had three active nests and three empty nest boxes. Now, there are four active nests. Only the nests at the Cow Pasture and Picnic Dome are unoccupied. The nest at the Bungee Jump still has the same four eggs as it did last week at this time, but it appears as though the female is incubating. I saw the female poke her head out of the box on Saturday (5/25) and just as quickly go back inside.Read more

Bluebird Update May 31, 2012

There is some good news and there is some bad news. First, the nest at the Train Tunnel still contains four bluebird eggs, the nest is quite dry, and although I didn’t see an adult nearby I’m hopeful that they are still incubating and that the eggs will hatch soon. I first observed eggs in this nest on May 16 which still gives us time when you consider that the incubation period for these birds is about 18 days. That’sRead more