Nest Box Update 5.28.24

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

We have four empty, inactive nests and two nest boxes with bluebird nestlings inside.

The Cow Pasture nest box has been cleared of nest material and a new berry basket placed inside.

A new berry basket at Cow Pasture (5.28.24).

The Explore the Wild nest box is empty.

Explore the Wild nest box empty (5.28.24).

Into the Mist is vacant.

Nothing in Into the Mist nest box (5.28.24).

The nest box on the east side of the parking deck has no occupants.

No takers at Parking Deck East (5.28.24).

The are five, almost ready to fledge, bluebirds still being fed by their parents in the nest box on the west side of the parking deck.

Five nearly fledged bluebirds at Parking Deck West (5.28.24).

Upon inspection, the bluebird nest inside the nest box at the Butterfly House had three just-hatched bluebirds wobbling about. One was still wet.

The nest also had an unhatched egg. I suspect it will hatch later in the day, if not within minutes of closing the inspection door of the nest box.

The last egg should hatch soon at Butterfly House (5.28.24).

So, there are two active nests, both bluebirds, and four empty nest boxes.

There’s still time for further occupancy, we usually get one nest that lingers into August. But that’s up to the birds.

We’ve so far fledged twelve bluebirds and four chickadees. There’s room for more.

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