Nest Box Update 5.24.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

We currently have 12 eggs in two active nests on our bluebird trail. One nest holds 6 bluebird eggs, the other 6 house wren eggs.

I was surprised to find 3 additional eggs above last week’s 3 in the Cow Pasture nest on today’s inspection of nest boxes. As I mentioned last week, the second brood is usually smaller one than the first. This nest has as many eggs as the initial nest in this box at the end of March.

Addition to last week’s 3 eggs, a full clutch of six at Cow Pasture (5.24.22).

The Explore the Wild nest box remains unused though it has a bluebird nest within.

No action at Explore the Wild (5.24.22).

The Into the Mist nest box hasn’t seen action since bluebirds fledged from the nest over three weeks ago.

No further activity at Into the Mist (5.24.22).

The adults called from the brush as the Parking Deck East nest box was peered into. The nest holds 6 house wren eggs.

Six house wren eggs at Parking Deck East (5.24.22).

No new additions to the nest box on the west side of the parking deck. It still has a handful of twigs in its berry basket.

No movement at Parking Deck West (5.24.22).

Untouched for over three weeks, a nest which was constructed by house wrens remains empty at the Butterfly House.

A stalled house wren nest at Butterfly House (5.24.22).

So, with one week left in May, we have two active nests. One nest holds six bluebird eggs (Cow Pasture) and one nest holds six house wren eggs (Parking Deck West).

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