Nest Box Update 6.1.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

There are now 6 bluebird eggs and 6 house wren nestlings occupying our nest boxes.

The 6 bluebird eggs in the nest box at the Cow Pasture have yet to hatch. I saw no adults in the vicinity so I can’t determine whether the eggs are being incubated. If they are, we should see hatchlings by nest week’s inspection.

Six bright and shiny eggs at Cow pasture (6.1.22).

As always, the nest in the box at Explore the Wild is unoccupied.

Empty nest at ETW nest box (6.1.22).

There’s been no activity at the Into the Mist nest box.

No takers at Into the Mist (6.1.22).

It looks as though 6 nestlings have hatched in the house wren nest on the east side of the parking deck.

An active nest at Parking Deck East (6.1.22).
Six new house wrens in the world, Parking Deck East (6.1.22).

No activity has been observed around the nest box on the west side of the parking deck.

No movement at Parking Deck West (6.1.22).

The wren nest inside the box at the Butterfly House is vacant.

Butterfly House nest box is silent (6.1.22).

If all goes well there should be 6 bluebird nestlings in the box at the Cow Pasture at next week’s inspection of the nest boxes. And, the wrens at the Parking Deck East nest should be quite grown in a week’s time.

See you then!

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