Nest Box Update 4.2.24

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

All but one of our six nest boxes are occupied. There are four bluebird nests and one chickadee nest. There are five nestlings and at least thirteen eggs waiting to hatch, all bluebirds.

Last week the Cow Pasture nest held 2 bluebird eggs. The female has deposited another 3 in the cupped grass and pine needle nest.

Three additional eggs for a total of 5 at the Cow Pasture (4.2.24).

After remaining empty for the past six weeks, chickadees have finally taken over the nest box on the service road in Explore the Wild. There is now a moss, fur and feather nest inside the nest box. No eggs yet.

Fresh new chickadee nest at Explore the Wild (4.2.24).

From last week to this, the bluebird female of the Into the Mist nest has laid another egg and was incubating when we approached the nest box.

A total of 5 bluebird eggs at Into the Mist (4.2.24),

If all goes well the five nestlings in the bluebird nest at Parking Deck East will be nearly, if not already, fledged by next week’s inspection.

Five bluebird nestlings doing well at Parking Deck East (4.2.24).

Still no activity in the nest box on the west side of the parking deck.

No action at Parking Deck West (4.2.24).

Last week there were 3 bluebird eggs in the nest at the Butterfly House. Though an inspection of the nest box was made, I can’t say if there are still 3 eggs, or more, this week. The female refused to get up when the access door was opened. Rather than disturb her more than we already had, we let her sit—I’d wager 5 eggs.

Female sat tight at Butterfly House (4.2.24).

So, all but one nest box has an active nest, four by bluebirds and one by chickadees. There are at least thirteen bluebird eggs spread around the campus (probably a total of 15 eggs) and five nestlings. All nests with eggs are being incubated and there’s one chickadee nest with no eggs.

See you next week!

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