Nest Box Update 3.27.24

Top Photo: Eastern bluebirds eggs.

We have four active nests. Three nests hold a total of nine eggs and one contains five nestlings. All are bluebirds.


The Cow Pasture nest box held an empty bluebird nest last week. Today it contains two bluebird eggs.

Two eggs at Cow Pasture (3.27.24).

The Explore the Wild nest box is empty, only a 1/2 pint berry basket inside.

No action at Explore the Wild.

With a complete bluebird nest in the box last week, we now have four bluebird eggs to monitor at the Into the Mist site.

The birds have been busy at Into the Mist (3.27.24).

The five bluebird eggs in the Parking Deck East nest box have hatched and the nestlings, which have yet to open their eyes, are hungry.

All 5 eggs hatched at PKE nest (3.27.24).

Still no action in the nest box on the west side of the parking deck, just the empty basket.

No activity at the PKW nest box (3.27.24).

Bluebirds have added three eggs to the nest they’ve built inside the nest box at the Butterfly House.

Butterfly House bluebird nest (3.27.24).


We now have a total of nine bluebird eggs and five nestlings in four of our six nest boxes. There could be more eggs by next week’s inspection of the nest boxes. Typically, the first brood of the season is the largest. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few more eggs added to a couple of these nests by next week.

But, as is always the case, we’ll have to wait till next week to see what the birds have to say, or do, about that.

(Due to unforeseen circumstances, nest box inspection was conducted on Wednesday (3/27) rather than Tuesday (3/26) this week.)

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