Nest Box Update 4.18.23

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

We now have eighteen or nineteen nestlings and five eggs in five active nests. One nest box remains empty.


The nest box at the Cow Pasture still has its four bluebird nestlings. I suspect they will fledge within a day or two. I don’t expect to see them there next week.

Four ready to fledge bluebirds at Cow Pasture (4.18.23).

The chickadees at the Explore the Wild nest are still incubating their five brown speckled eggs.

Colorful chickadee nest at Explore the Wild (4.18.23).

The nest box at Into the Mist is still empty.

I count five bluebird nestlings in the nest on the east side of the parking deck. At last week’s inspection, it was difficult to distinguish among the individuals, to see just how many were present. It looks like five heads visible in the jumble.

Five heads in nest box at Parking Deck East (4.18.23).

Over on the west side of the parking deck, where last week there were five chickadee eggs, there are now five chickadee nestlings.

Just hatched chickadees on west aide of parking deck (4.18.23).

Last week, there were five tiny nestlings in the nest box at the Butterfly House. It looks as if there are now four well developed chickadees.

Butterfly House chickadees are growing fast (4.18.23).


So, We now have nine bluebird nestlings (four at Cow Pasture and five at Parking Deck East). There are nine chickadee nestlings (five at Parking Deck West and what looks like four at Butterfly House). There are five chickadee eggs being incubated at the Explore the Wild nest box.

Stay tuned.

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