Mimi Enjoys a Swim

Top Photo: Mimi Bear prepares to go for a swim.

Born in 2004, Mimi is the oldest of our four black bears. She spends much of her time sleeping on the boulders out in front of the cave in the black bear enclosure, especially in the cooler months of the year.

But when it begins to heat up, you’ll likely catch her taking a dip in the moat in front of the main bear overlook. She fancies a solitary morning swim in the pool. The earlier you arrive at the overlook the better your chances of catching her casually swimming about.

It truly appears she enjoys the activity. I’m sure she does.

A pause before she commits.
And off she goes.
After each trip around the pool she shakes if off.

A quick scan for other bears who might disturb the tranquility.

Dripping wet, she retreats to the cave.

Mimi spent a full 12 minutes floating and swimming about the pool before heading back to the cave area of the enclosure.

On a warm April 2023 morning


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