Nest Box Update 4.11.23

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

With five active nests and eggs or nestlings in each of those five nests, it seems we’re off to a good season. There are fourteen nestlings and ten eggs in the nests.


The Cow Pasture nest holds four growing bluebird nestlings. These birds were the first to hatch and will be the first to fledge.

The first to fledge at Cow Pasture (4.11.23)?

The Explore the Wild nest box has five chickadee eggs inside. They were being incubated when we arrived at the box.

These five eggs were being incubated (4.11.23).

The Into the Mist nest box remains empty.

The Parking Deck East nest box has what looks like five bluebird nestlings. They are surely bluebirds but the jumble of birds makes it difficult to count the individuals.

A jumble of five? bluebird nestlings at Parking Deck East (4.11.23).

On the west side of the deck the five chickadee eggs that have been in the nest for nearly two weeks were being incubated and should soon hatch.

A chickadee flew from the nest box as we arrived to inspect its contents at PKW (4.11.23).

The Butterfly House nest box is now full of nestlings. I count five in the soft, fluffy little nest.

Chickadee nestlings at Butterfly House (4.11.23).


There are currently fourteen nestlings in three of the nest boxes, nine bluebirds and five chickadees . There are four bluebirds at the Cow Pasture, five on the east side of the parking deck, and five chickadee nestlings at the Butterfly House.

The remaining occupied nest boxes hold eggs, five chickadees at Explore the Wild and five in the nest box on the west side of the parking deck.

See you next week.

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