Late May Herp Transitions

I’ve not seen a Northern Water Snake in the Wetlands since the first week in May.


Yellow-bellied turtle spotted near the Lemur House

Yellow-bellied Turtles continue to come ashore to lay eggs. The one pictured was alongside the path in front of the Lemur House. Following the downpours on Memorial Day, a Painted Turtle was spied crossing the paved path headed towards the Wetlands, presumably on its way back from laying eggs.

Before and during the heavy showers which came through on Memorial Day the treefrogs were in full chorus. Many of them could be seen hopping across the path as the rains came tumbling down.

On May 25 while staring down into the water of the Wetlands I noticed dozens of small frog eyes popping up out of the dense algae growing along the shore. Upon closer inspection I realized that I was looking at frogs in transition. These were small frogs and each had both front and back legs. Some had tails still attached, others a mark where a tail had been, but none seemed to be fully developed frogs and still had many of the markings and coloration of tadpoles. While I can’t be sure, they looked to be Green Frogs.

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