Late May Herp Transitions

I’ve not seen a Northern Water Snake in the Wetlands since the first week in May.   Yellow-bellied Turtles continue to come ashore to lay eggs. The one pictured was alongside the path in front of the Lemur House. Following the downpours on Memorial Day, a Painted Turtle was spied crossing the paved path headed towards the Wetlands, presumably on its way back from laying eggs. Before and during the heavy showers which came through on Memorial Day the treefrogsRead more

Egg-laying Turtles, new Toads, and Treefrog Time!

I spotted two Yellow-bellied Turtles out of the water and hiking the paths around the Wetlands looking for a place to lay eggs. One of these large females was in the process of digging a hole for the eggs when I came upon her. If you happen to see a tiny brown-gray creature hopping along the path in Explore the Wild or Catch the Wind, take a closer look. The offspring of the American Toads that bred in the WetlandsRead more