Last Chance to Get Out and Enjoy the Cold

In a day or two all of this coldness will be behind us. What little bit of snow we had will be forgotten too, a faded memory. So, if you like the cold you should get outside now and enjoy it.

Snow covered, frozen wetlands. Dark area (partially open water) is caused by aeration system at bottom of pond which operates at night.

While you’re out there, check any remaining patches of snow for animal tracks, see who’s been wandering around the neighborhood while you’ve been warm and cozy inside.

Raccoon tracks on snow-covered log in wetlands.
Gray squirrel on the move
Small bird, perhaps white-throated sparrow, takes a few hops, then takes flight to right (note tracks left by flight feathers of left wing near top left on photo). Did something scare this bird?
Feral cat walks by, then back tracks.

Go out and see what you can find.

Every track tells a story. Where was the animal coming from? Where was it going? Was it walking, running? How old are the tracks?

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  1. Camp Katie says:

    The bird wing track is cool! So neat to see action and a moment in time imprinted in the snow.

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