The Ice Is Upon Us

If you’ve had to go outside of your house lately, you’re no doubt aware that it’s cold out there. I spend a good part of the day outside. I confirm. It’s cold!

Our wetland doesn’t often freeze, once each year, if at all. It’s annual freeze has come.

We have two water features, besides the wetlands, on our outdoor acreage, a waterfall in each of the black bear and red wolf enclosures. The waterfall in the black bear enclosure never sees sunlight, it’s always in shade. It, is the first to freeze of the two waterfalls.

The frozen falls and pools at black bears.
Closer look at falls.

The falls in the red wolf enclosure is in sunshine for a good part of the day and only freezes on the outside edges of the falls.

The falls at wolves has been turned off. Can you spot the two red wolves?

Both falls are manmade, recirculating the water through pipes and hoses from the pools below back up to the top of the falls. Currently, the water has been turned off at the red wolf enclosure due to the froze state of the water, the pumps shut down.

The cold, however, doesn’t seem to bother the wolves or bears, although the bears tend to sleep a bit more when the deep freeze hits.

Black bear Yona walks by the open water of the lower pool. A bubbler keeps the water from freezing in the lower pond.

Come on out and have a look around, before it gets warm again!

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