Herpetological Happenings: Toads, Skinks, and Snakes!


American Toads (Bufo americanus) were out mating on Saturday (3/19/11). I’d seen their eggs previously but they were out in force this past weekend!

This happy toad is about to let loose with its high pitched trill in his attempt to attract a mate. Note that his vocal, or gular, pouch is just beginning to inflate. The vocal pouch is where the sound comes from when a toad sings.
One male rides atop a female while another male looks to the wall to mate.
Mating can be a rough and tumble affair for toads, anything that moves is fair game. Here, three males vie for a single female. One male goes so far as to stick his fingers in another male’s eyes!
In this close view of the above photo you can see how mating can be difficult for some toads. I’m sure the eye poking was purely accidental.

There were at least 6 toads swimming around in the filter that cleans the water in the pond at the Black Bear Exhibit. The toads were oblivious to where they were, concerned only with passing on their genes.

Animal Keeper Jill holds a pair of toads that she removed from the filtration system for the Black Bear pond.


The first of the season Ground Skink (Scincella lateralis) was seen wiggling across the path in Explore the Wild (3/19/11).



The first of the season Northern Water Snake (Norodia sipedon) was basking on a willow trunk in the Wetlands (3/19/11).

More to come!!

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  1. Debbie says:

    Wow! There’s a lot going on out there! Thanks for the great updates Greg!

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