Beaver in the Bear Enclosure!!??

If you happen to be at the Black Bear Overlook and see a smallish (compared to the bears) gray-brown mammal pop its head up, look around, and then scoot along the grass, it’s not a beaver, it’s a Groundhog.

A Ground Hog, also known as a Woodchuck, scoffs up on some of the food tossed in to the bears.

Several people have come up to me in the past month and told me that they had seen a beaver in with the bears. Although beavers and groundhogs are both mammals, rodents, and look somewhat alike, the critter in the bear yard is the one that eats grass, not bark.

If you’re worried about the bears eating the groundhog, don’t. The wary marmot keeps an eye out for the bears. Besides, Yona and Gus would most likely rather play with the robust little varmint, then eat it, I think.

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