Herp Firsts

The first American Toad (Bufo americanus) and Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina) of the season made their appearances on March 9 here at the Museum.

An American Toad at the edge of the trail next to the Wetlands (3/9/12).

I thought that I spied a snapper poke its pointy snout out of the water the day before (3/8) but couldn’t be sure. There’s no doubt about the one below.

Common Snapping Turtle (3/9/12).

Something new everyday!

3 responses to Herp Firsts

  1. Jeff Dodge says:

    Warmest March since Frank Nicoletti did the count in ’87. Don’t think we will surpass his total that year. That being said we had a new record daily high and season total last spring!

    • Greg Dodge says:

      No, Jeff Dodge, I haven’t seen any raptors in the past week or so that I’d call migrants, just the local red-shouldereds, Turkey and Black Vultures, and a local Cooper’s Hawk. I’ll bet Braddock Bay (http://Www.bbrr.org/) is hopping now. In fact, it looks like you guys had a good day up there last Sunday with 237 Turkey Vultures, 135 Red-Shouldered Hawks, and 92 Red-taileds (http://www.hawkcount.org/month_summary.php?rsite=353&go=Go+to+site).
      Sixty eight degrees in Rochester today!!

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