Top Photo: Oak, female red wolf. Our new wolf Adeyha has been getting much of the attention lately, but at present, our female, born April28, 2014 is the one you most often see when you visit the Red Wolf Enclosure. Here she is in a series of photos taken a few days ago. On occasion, Adeyha, her potential mate, has been curled up out of view inside the den, directly in front of the overlook. I was able to getRead more

Gray Fox PSA

That’s what greeted me as I arrived here at the Museum this morning, a Gray Fox. If you’ve spent much time here at the Museum, especially in Explore the Wild or Catch the Wind you may have seen this fox or perhaps one of its kin. If you’ve read this Journal in the past you may have read about the foxes here at the Museum. Gray Fox live here, they’re wild animals and not part of any display or exhibit.Read more