Frog For Lunch

Top Photo: Green heron hunts from perch in wetlands.

Green herons are in attendance more than they’re seen in our wetlands. Though they occasionally give out a loud KEEYER call, they’re more often silently perched or stalking prey in the shallow water of our wetland.

Here, in a series of photos, a green heron has captured a frog and attempts to dispatch its victim. It tries to turn the amphibian so as to swallow the animal head-first, while being careful not to lose it in the process. It’s a hefty capture for this heron.

What’s he got there?
Look likes a frog.
A nice prize for this green heron.
Being careful not to let go of the frog while being whipped around with its bill.
Almost ready.
Finally, down it goes.
Back to the hunt.

Maybe next time, a crawfish.

3 responses to Frog For Lunch

  1. Sammie Hamrick says:

    I am with Skinny, we did see that heron eat a crawfish!!

    • gregdodge says:

      Interesting. Feel free to forward any further observations you may have with this heron.

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