A Good Day

Top Photo: American mink on floating deck (photo-Ranger Dakota).

Mink are elusive, frenetic, always on the move. Though I’m not sure how intentional their elusivity is. They simply go about their business quickly and quietly, keyword, quietly. In my encounters with the chocolate brown mustelids I’ve always been completely ignored by the weasel, until, that is, I paid too much attention to the animal. In those cases where I’d tried to get close up photos, or otherwise followed too closely too quickly, the mink just turned and headed off in the opposite direction, poof, gone.

Mink swimming by Main Wetlands Overlook (July 2017).

Sharp-eyed Ranger Dakota spotted the mink in the top photo while he was walking past the, as yet to open, floating deck in our wetlands.

Always a good day, when you see a mink.

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