FLASH – Hot off the Press!

After Posting Bluebird Update April 26, 2012 I went out to check the Butterfly House nest box. The parent bluebirds were not brining food into the box but were apparently waiting out the nestlings.

The male parent sitting on a lamp post waiting for the nestlings to come out to join him (4/26/12).

I’ve seen them do this many times, the parent usually with a juicy caterpillar or other food item in its bill, sitting outside the box some distance away coaxing the nestlings out.

The nestling, or should I say fledgling, calls out to its parent, “I’m hungry!” (BFH – 4/26/12)

In this case the parents were some 20 and 30 feet away on a fence and lamp post watching to see if the youngsters would exit the box. I was called away on other duties, but a check later in the day revealed an empty nest box.

Good Luck!!!

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