Nest Box Update 2.14.2023

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs (from previous year). Official Volunteer Sammie and I went around to all six of our bluebird nest boxes this morning placing new berry baskets inside each as we went. The birds have been singing a bit more than in previous weeks and we wanted to get ahead of them. Though not surprising, a pine needle was found in one of the nest boxes (bluebird?). The nest boxes have all been cleaned and exteriorly coated andRead more

Bluebird Update 4.16.13

Although absent from the Museum for several days, I managed to stop by and check the bluebird nest boxes while in town on Tuesday morning (4/16/13). Here’s what I found. The “Cow Pasture” nest has two additional eggs since the last nest inspection for a total of five. The Chickadee in the nest next to the Take Off in Catch the Wind is incubating her five tiny eggs. It appears that there has been some activity in the nest boxRead more

Bluebird Update July 12, 2012

If you remember, last week I reported a single egg inside the nest box at the Train Tunnel, it now has three nest mates. The female was incubating as I approached and took flight just before I reached to box. As usual, I checked all of our six nest boxes here at the Museum and found them all empty except the Train Tunnel box. So far this box has had one failed nest and has fledged four young. This isRead more

Bluebird Update June 26, 2012

This week’s inspection of the bluebird nest boxes was more a confirmation of the end of the season than a check on who’s doing what and where. I noted during the last Update that the nest box next to the Picnic Dome had four eggs and that the female was incubating. I also noted in the last update that the first indication that there were any eggs in that nest box was on June 5 during the first inspection ofRead more

FLASH – Hot off the Press!

After Posting Bluebird Update April 26, 2012 I went out to check the Butterfly House nest box. The parent bluebirds were not brining food into the box but were apparently waiting out the nestlings. I’ve seen them do this many times, the parent usually with a juicy caterpillar or other food item in its bill, sitting outside the box some distance away coaxing the nestlings out. In this case the parents were some 20 and 30 feet away on a fence and lampRead more