Finding Red Wolf

If you’re having trouble finding the red wolves, I’m here to help you. If you arrive in the morning, say around 10:30 or 11:00 AM, you might see both male and female wolf searching about the enclosure for food left out for them by the animal keepers.

If you come later in the day you may have to search for them. Although they may be up and about at any time during the day, they often relax during the mid day hours. Their cryptic coloration helps conceal them. So, if you don’t happen to be at the enclosure when one or both of them is searching for food or just stretching their legs, the following may help you locate at least one of the wolves.

For the time being, our male seems to prefer relaxing on the far left and back side of the enclosure behind a group of small trees. He reclines next to the fence and is often difficult to see. However, if you know where to look you should be able to pick him out. This will become easier as the leaves fall from the trees.


The arrow point to the wolf's location.
The arrow points to the wolf’s location.


Only his side is visible in this shot.
In this closer view of the same scene as above, only his side is visible.


Here the arrows point to the top of his head (left) and his body.
Here the arrows point to the top of his head (left) and his body. With head up, the wolf is looking directly at the camera.


The female just arrived. She was released into the enclosure on November 13 and seems to be spending her leisure time behind a large dirt mound in the enclosure, which is directly in front of the overlook. This may change as she becomes more familiar with the sights and sounds of her new home. In time, she may decide she has a better view of her surroundings from the top of the enclosure.  But for now, be patient and you may see her when she gets up to stretch her legs.


Patience may get you this.
Patience may get you this (female 1794).


And, oh yeah, if you see me down in Explore the Wild, I’d be glad to help locate the wolves for you.

Good luck!

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