Things are Getting Heated with Red Wolves

Ever since red wolves 1784 and 1794 were released in the Museum’s Red Wolf Enclosure, the male has followed the female wherever she roamed, relentlessly. She, wanting no part of him, would allow no closer than perhaps a dozen feet between them before she would turn, bare her teeth, arch her back, and, if necessary, lunge at him. Our female is entering estrous and she is now allowing the male closer approach, although she still holds him back with aRead more


  I’d say that our red wolves have adjusted well to their surroundings.     Rest while you can, the mating season begins very soon. If all goes as we humans hope, the coming spring and summer should have you quite busy.Read more

Finding Red Wolf

If you’re having trouble finding the red wolves, I’m here to help you. If you arrive in the morning, say around 10:30 or 11:00 AM, you might see both male and female wolf searching about the enclosure for food left out for them by the animal keepers. If you come later in the day you may have to search for them. Although they may be up and about at any time during the day, they often relax during the midRead more

Welcome Red Wolf 1784!

  Our new red wolf male arrived on Monday (11/6/14), spent most of the week in the kennel area of the wolf enclosure, and was released into the main enclosure Friday morning. He is the son of #1414, our most recent male.     Come on out and have a look at this newest addition to the exhibit animals.     A new female is coming soon (#1794). Check with the Animal Department’s blog for updates¬†on her arrival as wellRead more

Afternoon Reflections on the Wetlands, and a Sleepy Wolf

After I took the following four photographs I realized that they are all of the same subject but at different levels of zoom. They were not shot in the same sequence as they appear here but minutes apart with other photos in between. There was obviously something that drew my eye to that spot. And, a sleepy wolf. What do you think this wolf is dreaming about, the breeding season to come? a rawhide chew? a run through the woods?Read more