Great Blue and Other Interesting Sightings

  Great blue heron (GBH) has been a common sight here at the Museum for the past eight years. Most of that time there was one present on a daily basis in the Wetlands. I’m afraid, though, our long time resident GBH has left us. I don’t know why our local GBH has moved on or whether or not it has expired, but I have not seen it. I keep a weekly checklist of all the birds I see here at the Museum, check it offRead more

Finally, Juveniles!

I’ve been doing a lot of complaining lately about not being able to find any Green Treefrog juveniles in or around the Wetlands. It’s August, mid-August, and there should be some juveniles clinging to the vegetation surrounding the muddy water of our Wetlands. On Wednesday (8/15), I found two of the little green gems sitting on the lance-shaped leaves of the smartweed at the end of the Boardwalk in Explore the Wild. There were also a few adults down inRead more