Bluebird Update June 26, 2012

This week’s inspection of the bluebird nest boxes was more a confirmation of the end of the season than a check on who’s doing what and where. I noted during the last Update that the nest box next to the Picnic Dome had four eggs and that the female was incubating.

I also noted in the last update that the first indication that there were any eggs in that nest box was on June 5 during the first inspection of this month when the female was seen incubating. There were only three eggs present on June 26, where there had been four. It has now been over 21 days and I hadn’t seen an adult bluebird near the nest box in the last few days.

For whatever reason, the nest has failed and we now have six empty nest boxes. I removed the nest from the Picnic Dome box and cleaned it out. I will conduct at least one more inspection of all the nest boxes on Tuesday of next week and report back then.

Have a good one.

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