Bluebird Update 7/15/14

At this time in 2012 we had five empty nests and one active nest, the Cow Pasture nest. That nest was raided the very night following the nest box inspection, the eggs cleared out, I think by a raccoon. Last year at this time we had no active nests, the last one having fledged 5 young sometime before the 9th of July. This year we have two active nests, the Amphimeadow (AM) and Butterfly House (BFH) nests. There are fourRead more

Bluebird Update 7/1/14

Here we are in July and we still have active nests. At last week’s inspection of the nest boxes, two were occupied by bluebirds. There are now three active nests. The nest at the Cow Pasture continues to offer shelter to four bluebird nestlings (above). It’s a tight fit inside that cedar nest box but the birds seem to be coping. All look dry and healthy and it shouldn’t be very long before they’re exploring the big wide world outsideRead more

Bluebird Update 6/4/13

At this time last week this nest box (the Cow Pasture, above) was completely empty, no nest material and certainly no eggs. A new nest has been built and so far two eggs have been deposited in the box. Last week there were four eggs in the nest which is next to the Bungee Jump. I and Ranger Kristin peeked into the box Saturday (6/1) and there were only three eggs. What happen to the other egg? The egg had to be removed sometimeRead more

Bluebird Update 5.7.13

The heavy rain and chilly nights of the past several days seems to have had little effect on the chickadees and bluebirds that are nesting on our Bluebird Trail here at the Museum. All occupants of our nest boxes seem to be doing well, even flourishing. The bluebird nestlings in the “Cow Pasture” nest seem about ready to fledge. It’s difficult to see exactly how many nestlings are crowded into that nest but it appears as though there are four.Read more

Bluebird Update June 26, 2012

This week’s inspection of the bluebird nest boxes was more a confirmation of the end of the season than a check on who’s doing what and where. I noted during the last Update that the nest box next to the Picnic Dome had four eggs and that the female was incubating. I also noted in the last update that the first indication that there were any eggs in that nest box was on June 5 during the first inspection ofRead more

Bluebird Update May 24, 2012

There has been very little change since the last Bluebird Update. There are still 4 eggs in the nest at the Train Tunnel (and it’s still dry). There are 6 eggs in the wren nest next to the Take Off in Catch the Wind, as there was last week. And there are still three empty nests. The Sailboat Pond nest box, the Amphimeadow nest box (which will probably have to be moved due to the extensive human activity at theRead more