Bluebird Update June 14, 2012

The four nestlings at the Train Tunnel are doing well (6/12/12).

The occupants of the nest box at the Train Tunnel are progressing as they should, no problems with water and the birds sat tight when I opened the box to have a look at them.

All three nest boxes in Catch the Wind are empty. I don’t think that they will be occupied again this season, but we’ll have to wait and see to be sure.

A nice clear path to walk on at the meadow makes it much easier to access the nest box.

Many thanks to Landscape Tech, Jose for cutting nice clear paths for me at both the Flower Meadow and Sail Boat Pond nest boxes.

I especially appreciate the path he cut at the flower meadow which had grown quite dense. The path there will help me avoid ticks and stepping on something that perhaps I’d rather not step on.

Although I don’t anticipate much activity, the nest box there has been cleaned out and is ready for use if bluebirds or wrens decide to use the box in the future.

Last week I reported that the nest box next to the Picnic Dome contained a female who was incubating an unknown quantity of eggs, she was sitting on the eggs at the time and I didn’t want to disturb her to count the eggs. During this week’s inspection of the nest box the female was off the nest and I can now confirm that there are four eggs within.

Also incubating last week during the nest box inspection was the female who resides at the Butterfly House box. She, at the time, was sitting on five eggs. There are now five nestlings in the house.

Five bluebird siblings cuddle up against each other as I peer into their home (BFH – 6/12/12).

So, as of Tuesday 6/12/12 there were three empty nest boxes, the Take Off site, the Sail Boat Pond box, and the Amphimeadow nest box. There are currently nine nestlings occupying two nests, the four Train Tunnel bluebirds and the five in the nest at the Butterfly House. Four unhatched eggs sit within the nest at the Picnic Dome site.

Next week?

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