Yellowjacket, Green Anole, Winter Wren, and Marbled Spider

Top Photo: A worker yellowjacket enters the tunnel to its subterranean hive. Yellowjackets nest underground, though they may construct a hive in a hollowed out log, under the siding of your house, or in other seemingly vacant and unattended cavities. The ground, however, is the most frequent site chosen by a queen in spring. A single queen constructs the below-ground hive and tends to the initial eggs, larvae and pupae. Once workers emerge from pupation they take over all dutiesRead more

Bluebird Update 4.9.13

Lots of news to report today. We’ll start at the “Cow Pasture.” Last week this nest box contained a completed nest but lacked eggs. It now has 3 beautiful blue eggs. The nest box at the meadow next to the “Take Off” which was empty last week now has a completed chickadee nest with eggs. The bird was incubating when I approached the nest, flew out of the entrance hole and scolded me from a nearby tree while I openedRead more

Bluebird Update June 14, 2012

The occupants of the nest box at the Train Tunnel are progressing as they should, no problems with water and the birds sat tight when I opened the box to have a look at them. All three nest boxes in Catch the Wind are empty. I don’t think that they will be occupied again this season, but we’ll have to wait and see to be sure. Many thanks to Landscape Tech, Jose for cutting nice clear paths for me atRead more