Avian Arrivals and Some Flowers.

Returning this week (4/17-4/24) from points south were Chimney Swift, Gray Catbird, Wood Thrush, House Wren and White-eyed Vireo, all locally nesting birds.

The female Belted Kingfisher has once again made herself scarce, presumably sitting on eggs. I briefly saw the male on Friday, 23 April.

Black Locust.

Black Locust is in bloom as is Old Man’s Beard (not the guy on the left, but the tree, Fringetree). The former can be seen on the opposite side of the water from the Wetlands Overlook and from Flying Birds (bird feeders).

A stand of Black Locust can be seen beyond the bird feeders and young pines in Catch the Wind.

Fringetree grows along the path as you leave Catch the Wind heading towards the Lemur House and across from the Red Wolf Exhibit.

Fringetree is an understory shrub or small tree in our area.
Also called Old Man’s Beard, this small tree is currently showing its fringe-like flowers.

Red Clover and Buttercup are in bloom and while some of the flowers are open, most of the daisies in Catch the Wind are still waiting for that to happen. In just a few days Catch the Wind will be white with daisies (I know it’s tempting to pick the flowers, but please leave them for all to appreciate).

red clover
Red Clover is a favorite of many butterflies.
Buttercup with it’s shiny petals.
Daisies are about to burst open throughout Catch the Wind.

Lotus peaks in June. It’ll be well into May before this watery plant sets forth its first flowers.

The Lotus is obvious but not yet in flower in the Wetlands.

Mahonia is showing the fruits of its winter blooms.

Mahonia is showing berries where, over the fall and winter, there were spikes of yellow flowers.

This is just the beginning, so come on out to see for yourself what birds are singing and what’s blooming in Catch the Wind and Explore the Wild. I’ll be there, for sure.

4 responses to Avian Arrivals and Some Flowers.

  1. Judy Overby says:

    I identified and photographed Downy Arrowwood blooming on my family’s property in Chat. Co. on Apr. 4, ’10. Don’t know how I overlooked the beautiful specimen before!

    • Greg Dodge, Ranger says:

      Check out these photos of Downy Arrowwood by Will Cook .
      Arrowwood’s one of my favorites.

    • Greg Dodge, Ranger says:

      A fox was seen by one of the Animal Keepers a week or so back. I believe it was an adult.
      I, personally, have not seen any activity, but will let you know if and when I spot a young fox in the area.

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