A Wetlands Update in Pictures

Pied-billed Grebe captures a crayfish. Good work grebe!
Just before closing, our resident kingfisher comes in to perch on the birch trees just off the Wetlands Overlook.
Green Heron still here. How long will this heron stay?

Finally, two Green Treefrogs fresh from the pond.

I still see juveniles in the smartweed just off the boardwalk in Explore the Wild. Although its head is partially concealed by the flowers of the smartweed, the important part of this image is the stub of a tail on this youngster.
Another Green Treefrog shows its age. Like the individual above, this frog’s body has yet to completely absorb its swimming appendage, the tail.

More to come.

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  1. jeff dodge says:

    Unfortunately this particular green heron is stuck on that log for eternity.

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