A flurry of activity

It’s 58 degrees outside, about thirty degrees cooler than yesterday. It was bright and sunny yesterday, complete cloud cover today. But, along with the cold front, clouds and drizzle came some birds and a surprise herp. Nothing overwhelming, but a flurry of activity, just enough to keep the casual birder and herper happy.

One of six species of warbler seen, a Prairie Warblers gleans from a willow in the Wetlands.

For the birder, I saw 6 species of warbler this morning including Common Yellowthroat, Prairie Warbler, Black & White Warbler, Magnolia Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler, American Redstart, and topped it off with White-eyed Vireo (not a warbler).

There were several individuals from each species and they were all very hungry, barely paying attention to me just below them in the trees.

And for the herper, or herpetologist…

What’s that on the path ahead?

Apparently the thirty degree difference in temps from yesterday has prompted this Northern Water Snake to hit the pavement and head for high ground. I have a feeling that it’ll be back in a few days when it warms up again.

Making haste for the warmth of the rocks just a dozen or so yards away (9/16/11).

What more could one ask for, a cool day with no chance for a sun burn, a small group of warblers moving through, and a big fat water snake crossing the path in front of you.

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