Yellow-bellied Slider hatches in Catch the Wind

While Ranger Katie was tending the Ornithopter on Wednesday, October 13th, she noticed the mulch and leaves moving about below the hollies next to the entrance to the big, blue flying machine. Having a closer look, she discovered that the movement was caused by a very tiny turtle, apparently, a hatchling Yellow-bellied Slider.

Katie gave me a call on the radio and I headed up her way to have a look, and to walk the little turtle down to the Wetlands for release into the water there.

I showed the little herp to many Museum guests on the way down to the water, all very excited to see such a little turtle.

Courtney Behrle, Master Teacher here at the Museum, happily holding the tiny Yellow-bellied Turtle (slider).
The little turtle has a look around just before release at the edge of the Wetlands.

If there’s one hatchling wandering around the outdoor exhibits, there’s probably more, so keep a sharp eye out!

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