Bluebird Update 6/4/13

At this time last week this nest box (the Cow Pasture, above) was completely empty, no nest material and certainly no eggs. A new nest has been built and so far two eggs have been deposited in the box. Last week there were four eggs in the nest which is next to the Bungee Jump. I and Ranger Kristin peeked into the box Saturday (6/1) and there were only three eggs. What happen to the other egg? The egg had to be removed sometimeRead more

Bluebird Update 5.28.13

Last week we had three active nests and three empty nest boxes. Now, there are four active nests. Only the nests at the Cow Pasture and Picnic Dome are unoccupied. The nest at the Bungee Jump still has the same four eggs as it did last week at this time, but it appears as though the female is incubating. I saw the female poke her head out of the box on Saturday (5/25) and just as quickly go back inside.Read more

Bluebird Update June 7, 2012

The noise and movement created by my opening the nest box stimulated at least one of the nestlings in the box at the Train Tunnel to open up and ready itself for a tasty morsel of food. Sorry little bluebird, it’s only me and not your parents that caused the fuss. This nest seems to be doing fine, no problems with moisture and the birds all look healthy. The nest in the flower meadow at the Take Off in Catch theRead more

Yellow-bellied Slider hatches in Catch the Wind

While Ranger Katie was tending the Ornithopter on Wednesday, October 13th, she noticed the mulch and leaves moving about below the hollies next to the entrance to the big, blue flying machine. Having a closer look, she discovered that the movement was caused by a very tiny turtle, apparently, a hatchling Yellow-bellied Slider. Katie gave me a call on the radio and I headed up her way to have a look, and to walk the little turtle down to theRead more