Willow Seeds and Sweet Treats

Black Willow seed dispersal was in full swing during the first half of May. Anyone who was strolling through the Wetlands during that period would surely have noticed the “blizzard” of white fluffy seeds blowing pass them. The long silky hairs that cover the willow’s seeds have the ability to carry them long distances, and, they’re abundant. That, along with the fact that fallen twigs sometimes take root and grow, may help to explain why there are so many willows in the Wetlands. Fortunately willows like water, lots of water, and they don’t grow far from it or we’d be overgrown with them.

Mulberries are ripe, and Japanese Honeysuckle is in bloom. You can always tell when the honeysuckle’s blooming. Besides the scent given off by the flowers, it’s hard not to notice all the kids, parents, and at least one Animal Keeper here at the Museum walking around with little yellow and white flowers projecting from their lips.

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