May Flora

Japanese Honeysuckle is in bloom. An exotic species, and an invasive one, Japanese Honeysuckle is still a favorite of many people for both its fragrance and taste. People either love Japanese Honeysuckle or they hate it. Here’s just one paper on the subject. Mulberry is ripening and many birds are gulping down the berries as soon as they do. What’s wrong with this picture? No, it’s not snow. It’s seed dispersal in action. Since the first of April, the Black WillowsRead more

Willow Seeds and Sweet Treats

Black Willow seed dispersal was in full swing during the first half of May. Anyone who was strolling through the Wetlands during that period would surely have noticed the “blizzard” of white fluffy seeds blowing pass them. The long silky hairs that cover the willow’s seeds have the ability to carry them long distances, and, they’re abundant. That, along with the fact that fallen twigs sometimes take root and grow, may help to explain why there are so many willows inRead more