Where are the Wolves

At times, the wolves can be devilishly difficult to locate. They’re the same color as the soil in their enclosure and while they’re lying down and not moving finding them can be problematic. Often they lie down in a hole and dissappear, an ear is sometimes all that’s visible.

There are still, however, two fairly reliable places to spot the wolves, two places (one for each wolf) favored by them that they keep coming back to. It’s worth checking these two spots first when you approach the Red Wolf Enclosure. The wolves often lie down within a dozen feet of each other in the proximity of two large Loblolly Pines near the top of their enclosure.

The male on the left, the female on the right in holes dug by themselves.

The female often digs herself in deeper than she appears in the photos but she is very tuned in to her surroundings and sometimes the slightest of sounds will have her poking her head up to look around. Note: please don’t howl, yell, or whistle at the wolves. Be patient and one of them will eventually move, scratch, or get up and walk around, giving itself away.

The female listens as one of the Animal Keeper’s vehicles approaches.
The male raising his head to see who’s coming down the path.

Timing is often the key to seeing the wolves. The best time day to visit with the wolves is in the morning. On a typical morning, the Animal Keepers go into the enclosure to clean up a bit and to place out food for the wolves. All of this activity, plus the fact that the Keepers put out raw meet and sometimes rats and mice for the pair, keeps them (the wolves) active for at least the next hour or two.

The male chomps on the offerings given him during the keepers’ morning visit.

Once they’ve eaten and the noon hour approaches they often sack out for the day. You can still locate them, it just becomes a tad more difficult. Again, I suggest being patient.

And, as always, if you’re having trouble finding the wolves and you see me walking by, give a yell and I’ll try to locate them for you.

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  1. Sherry says:

    I’m a fan of the first photo in particular. I love when the two are near each other.

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